Monday, November 18, 2019

Financing Options

We have a discounted global package available for self-pay patients (patients who are uninsured or whose insurance policies do not cover weight-loss surgery).

We also offer free referrals to financing companies and local banks, such as Care Credit, who specialize in qualifying LAP-BAND and sleeve gastrectomy patients for a variety of loans that allow you to have the surgery today and pay over time. Last, we can help you analyze your costs for surgery versus living with the costs of obesity.

In addition to the estimated annual savings opportunity of obesity-related costs totaling more than $18,000, you may also benefit from thousands of dollars in potential tax savings. A tax payer can now claim weight-loss expenses as a medical deduction, and savings of $2,000 to $4,000 are common.

When you have your medical consultation, one of our financial counselors will meet with you to discuss our self-pay programs.

Learn more about our financing options for weight-loss surgery

CareCredit gives you the freedom to have your procedure whenever you're ready. It's easy to apply: With three simple steps, including an instant approval process, you can say goodbye to the waiting time and reward yourself sooner. Learn more

We are proud to offer patient financing options for all your elective surgery procedures. We have been helping patients obtain financing for procedures such as breast augmentation, tattoo removal, gastric bypass, in-vitro fertilization, hair loss replacement and much more. With loans up to $30,000 and convenient repayment plans, you can feel comfortable knowing your surgery costs will be covered. Learn more

American Benefit Credit
We are pleased to offer American Benefit Credit as our lender. American Benefit Credit offers a convenient, low monthly payment with no initial payment required for amounts of $1,000 to $100,000+. Learn more

Med Loan Finance
Med Loan Finance specializes in helping people with their financing needs for their medical and dental procedures. With experienced agents and a dedicated network of lenders of both secured and unsecured loans, Med Loan Finance is committed to finding you the best loan available with some of the most competitive rates. Learn more

With over three decades of combined experience in patient lending, Springstone℠ makes bariatric surgery possible by providing low monthly payments to finance your procedure. Springstone offers a user-friendly website and knowledgeable customer care specialists working together to make sure you are simply moving forward. Learn more

What will my monthly payments be?

Our preferred self-pay programs offer a variety of payment plans to make your care affordable. The chart below shows a range of estimated monthly payments based on your treatment fee and the plan for which you qualify.

of months
monthly payments
$1,000 24 $47-$55
$1,500 24 $71-$82
$2,000 24 $94-$110
$2,500 36 $83-$104
$3,000 36 $110-$124
$3,500 36 $117-$145
$4,000 48 $106-$140
$4,500 48 $119-$157
$5,000 48 $132-$175
$5,500 48 $145-$192
$6,000 48 $158-$210
$6,500 48 $172-$227
$7,000 48 $185-$244
$7,500 48 $198-$262
$8,000 48 $211-$279
$8,500 48 $224-$296
$9,000 48 $238-$314
$9,500 48 $251-$232
$10,000 48 $264-$349
$10,500 48 $277-$368
$11,000 48 $290-$384
$11,500 48 $304-$403
$12,000 48 $317-$419
$12,500 48 $330-$436
$13,000 48 $343-$454
$13,500 48 $356-$471
$14,000 48 $370-$489
$14,500 48 $383-$506
$15,000 48 $396-$524
$16,000 48 $422-$558


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