Sunday, December 08, 2019

Rosie's Lap Band Success Story

ROSIE Lost 104 LBS!

My weight affected my life in so many ways. At 249 lbs., my medical issues ranged from pulmonary problems to acid reflux to back and knee pain. And my self-esteem was so low, I never really even wanted to go out anywhere, because I hated the way I looked.


Rex's Lap Band Success Story

REX Lost 217 LBS!

I have always been a large guy, even when I was in the Army. But when my weight got over 450 lbs, I was diagnosed with type-two diabetes and neuropathy, and I began treatment for cardiovascular disease. I hadn’t been diagnosed with a heart problem, but my doctors couldn't safely or properly test me, so I had to take the medications as a precaution.


Joddie's Lap Band Success Story

JODDIE Lost 125 LBS!

I was miserable because of my weight. I felt tired, sick and sluggish all the time. I had high blood pressure and acid reflux, and I was borderline diabetic. When I looked at myself in the mirror, I felt like my inner spirit was being sucked out of me.


Jim's Lap Band Success Story

JIM Lost 140 LBS!

When I weighed 408 lbs., I was in such poor health, and I had absolutely no energy. It had gotten so bad that I would take a two- to four-hour nap every day, and then I would just sit in my chair. I had diabetes and high blood pressure, and my cholesterol was bad, to boot.


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