Sunday, December 08, 2019

Tim's Lap Band Success Story

TIM Lost 108 LBS!

My weight was affecting my health so much that I found myself taking seven pills every day, for things like high blood pressure, diabetes and trouble sleeping. I wasn’t able to walk far without running out of breath, and had little energy overall.


Darlene's Lap Band Success Story


Darlene Lost 120 LBS!

I’ve battled weight since my teens. I was all about dieting, and diets worked for me. Until they ended, that is, at which point I would just balloon right back up. My parents passed away within two years of each other, and I used food as an external source of comfort. But that external crutch was deteriorating me internally. I couldn’t go to the movies because I didn’t fit in the seat, and just walking a city block left me gasping for air.


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