Sunday, December 08, 2019

Jenny's Lap Band Success Story

JENNY Lost over 70 LBS!

My name is Jenny. I had the LAP-BAND® surgery about 5 years ago with Dr. Malley and I’ve lost over 70 pounds. When I was a kindergarten teacher and carrying a lot of extra weight, I would get really tired by the end of the day.

I teach all-day kindergarten and it’s a really long day for the kids, and at that weight, it was for me, too. I would be really tired and I’d need to sit down a lot, and the kids were always rubbing my stomach and asking me when I was going to have a baby.

I’ve never had willpower, so I knew that dieting wasn’t great for me –- that I would do fine for a couple of weeks and then I would totally blow it. When I first heard about the LAP-BAND, I was very nervous. My mom had passed away having gastric bypass surgery and I obviously didn’t want to do anything that was similar to that, but I was headed in the same direction my mom was. I was putting on weight, and putting on weight, so I went online and started researching the LAP-BAND and decided that since it was adjustable and it could be reversed, that it was a really good option for me.

I just love food, I love everything about it, so something that didn’t allow me to have food was not going to be good for me. I just knew that I needed something that could kind of be some built-in self-control for me, and that’s what the LAP-BAND is.

I went in even thinking that if I don’t lose a pound, but never gain another pound, this would be successful for me.

Once you have it and you’ve lost the weight, then it’s like a breeze. You don’t have to worry about gaining weight. I can basically now eat whatever I want and won’t put on a pound. Now I’m enjoying myself and water-skiing, and just doing things thinner is a lot easier than it was doing them when I was larger.

I just have so much more energy and am happier. It’s just a totally different world. I’d been on for years, and dating got a lot more successful when I started losing the weight. Then I met my husband and had a wonderful wedding and a gorgeous baby, and so there have been so many things that I’m not sure would have happened without the LAP-BAND.

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