Saturday, February 16, 2019

Rex's Lap Band Success Story

REX Lost 217 LBS!

I have always been a large guy, even when I was in the Army. But when my weight got over 450 lbs, I was diagnosed with type-two diabetes and neuropathy, and I began treatment for cardiovascular disease. I hadn’t been diagnosed with a heart problem, but my doctors couldn't safely or properly test me, so I had to take the medications as a precaution.

I found Dr. Malley’s seminar and liked what I heard about the LAP-BAND® System. But what clinched it for me was how Dr. Malley didn’t shy away from me because of my size, like other surgeons did.

Since my 2006 procedure, I've lost more than 210 lbs., and my BMI has gone from 67.7 to 39.8. I take a third of the diabetes meds that I used to, and I’m on my way to being completely off the others. I can also take care of myself again, which has taken a burden off my wife.

I will say this to the guys: If you’re anything like me and can resist anything but temptation, Dr. Malley and the LAP-BAND System could not only save your life, but will vastly improve many of the things you have always enjoyed the most.

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