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4 common weight-loss myths, debunked

weight loss mythsMind over matter is key during your weight-loss journey, and the way you view weight loss in general can have positive or negative effects on your physiology. Having the wrong information about the behaviors that lead to weight loss can prevent you from reaching your goals -- even if you’re exercising daily and eating a healthy diet.


Emergency essentials for weight-loss surgery patients

emergency weight-loss essentialsWeather disasters and other emergencies can happen anywhere at any time -- so it’s important for weight-loss surgery post-op patients to make the necessary preparations in the event of a catastrophe to avoid any adverse health complications that could occur as a result of failing to have the right supplies on hand.


4 keys to self-care following bariatric surgery

self care after bariatric surgeryAfter you’ve had weight-loss surgery, there are four key components to making sure your treatment is as successful as possible: nutrition, fitness, medical care, and psychological care. Some patients consider weight-loss surgery under the pretense that having a smaller stomach pouch will automatically result in having a smaller waistline; however, patients need to understand that weight-loss surgery will require them to make major lifestyle changes to ensure lasting health and long-term weight-loss success.


7 ways to stay focused on your weight-loss goals

weight loss goalsAnyone who’s tried to lose weight knows how difficult it can sometimes be to stick to your diet, fitness, and weight-loss program, especially if you feel as if you’re not making progress or if you’ve had a bad day. At times like these, you may be tempted to throw in the towel, skip your trip to the gym, and stay home to indulge in your favorite junk food.


4 habits that may be affecting your metabolism

habits that affect metabolismEvery person’s metabolism is different from the next based on each person’s lifestyle habits. Thin people who are consistently active will often have higher metabolisms based on their good nutrition and fitness habits, whereas those who are overweight will tend to have lower metabolisms as a result of being sedentary and eating foods that are high in sugar, sodium, and overall fat content.


Walking leads to weight loss and spurs creativity

walking for weight lossIf you’re on the path to weight loss, you’re probably very well aware of the benefits of walking for exercise. Cardiovascular exercise can boost your heart rate and your metabolism, and when paired with a healthy diet, can really help you drop off excess weight. Now, a new study is showing that walking can also boost creative thinking.


5 foods that fight bloating

BloatingBloating can not only make you feel uncomfortable, but it can make you appear bigger and puffier around your midsection even if you’ve been adhering to your weight-loss diet and exercising on a regular basis. In most cases, bloating will occur if you’ve been eating foods that are high in fat content, which take relatively longer to digest than other foods. Bloating can also occur if you’ve overeaten, or if you’ve eaten too fast.


10 essential nutrients needed for an active body

Essential NutrientsNutrients are an essential part of any balanced diet, especially when you’re exercising on a regular basis and trying to lose weight. Vitamins and nutrients can help your body recover from physical activity and drive weight loss, so if you’re lacking in any particular nutrient, your energy, weight-loss efforts, and even your overall health may suffer.


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