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Bariatric surgery results in improved control for type 1 diabetics

The results of a new case study are showing that overweight patients with type 1 diabetes can benefit from bariatric surgery in that it can improve their H1c levels and reduce their daily insulin requirements. Although bariatric surgery does not have the ability to reverse type 1 diabetes as it can with type 2 diabetes, diabetics can benefit from a lower risk of cardiac events and improved diabetes management.


10 simple ways to control portion sizes

Limiting and controlling portion sizes is one of the most important parts of managing your diet and losing weight. As the decades pass, portion sizes continue to grow larger and larger, especially at restaurants. In most cases, you can eat half, or one-third of a meal and still get an adequate amount of food based on recommended serving sizes.


6 popular fitness myths, debunked

As technology and research continues to grow, more and more fitness experts are putting to rest long-held beliefs about weight-loss techniques and fitness in general. If you’re putting a lot into your workout, but failing to see results, it’s possible you’re practicing some fitness habits that have since been proven ineffective for weight loss.


How to feel better about your body in dressing rooms

Going clothes shopping is usually fun and can be a great way to boost your mood — especially if you’re losing weight and want to buy new clothes that show off your progress.

But sometimes the excitement behind clothes-shopping can fall flat when you go into the dressing room and either feel unflattered by the poor lighting and mirrors, or you realize that the new sizes you’ve picked out still fail to fit your body properly. Moments like these can really bring you down if you let them, and can even inhibit your weight-loss progress from both a physical and mental standpoint.


7 foods to eat when you're being less active

As much as we strive to be active and stick to our exercise regimen, there are times in our lives during which we take some time off from fitness — whether it be on purpose or unintentional. Sometimes work can become hectic and we lose track of priorities, or we experience accidents or injuries that prevent us from being as active as we want to be.


Clothes-shopping tips for those on the road to weight loss

Undergoing weight-loss surgery is no easy feat, especially since you might have completely changed your lifestyle to accommodate a new diet and fitness routine. Sometimes, dealing with your wardrobe can be equally difficult or even frustrating as you begin to drop pounds and all you’re left with are the clothes you wore during a time when you were much larger.


The real story about dark chocolate and weight loss

If you’ve tried to lose weight through conventional methods of diet and exercise, or if you’ve recently undergone weight-loss surgery, chocolate could be the last thing on your mind. Or, if you’ve been sticking strong to your diet, you may be working hard to battle those occasional cravings you get for sweets such as chocolate.


Bariatric surgery not a last resort; new guidelines needed

For over 20 years, bariatric surgery has been considered a “last resort” weight-loss treatment by physicians and surgeons of patients who have tried to lose weight using conventional methods of diet and exercise. Now, doctors and surgeons across the country are urging the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to change the bariatric surgery guidelines so that more patients can benefit from weight loss and the reversal of comorbidities related to obesity.


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