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Daylight energizes the body for weight loss

Daylight Saving Time and the arrival of spring means the beginning of warmer weather and more hours of sunlight. Studies have shown that most people tend to be more energetic and exercise more often throughout spring, summer, and the beginning of fall as a result of having extra daylight hours.


6 ways to create a healthier salad

Salads can be incredibly beneficial to your overall weight-loss journey, especially when you choose your ingredients wisely and eat them one or more times per day with your meals. But sometimes, salads can turn against you when you start to add in fattening and high-calorie items such as croutons, cheese, and several tablespoons of ranch dressing.


FDA plans for 4 major changes on nutrition labels

Reading nutrition labels is one of the most important things you can do when shopping for groceries, especially when you’re losing weight and making an effort to become healthier. Nutrition labels can provide you with insight into how many calories your portion sizes will contain, as well as information about sodium content, sugar content, and overall fat content.


4 ways sleep helps with weight loss

Daylight Saving Time may have occurred over a week ago, but if you’re like most other Americans, you’re probably still trying to catch up on that one hour of sleep you’re still desperately missing, and that’s okay. In fact, sleep is very important for your overall health, especially for your waistline.


The role of breakfast in weight loss

Many people often skip breakfast thinking that it’s a great way to cut back on calories. Some people even feel that it’s convenient to skip breakfast if they’re short on time and in a rush to get to work, or if they’re simply too tired to put the effort into preparing and eating a meal first thing in the morning.


Micronutrients are vital to bariatric patients who become pregnant

Bariatric surgery is one of the most effective ways to lose weight when diet and exercise fail to work, and is highly recommended for overweight and obese individuals who also suffer from one or more comorbidities related to carrying excess weight.


Plate color affects weight loss, study says

As we focus on changing our lifestyles to lose more weight, the first things we often change are our diets and activity levels. Typically, we start to eat smaller portion sizes, increase our intake of foods that are highly nutritious, and exercise on a regular basis. Now, studies indicate that we should also start paying attention to the color of our plates, which may actually have a psychological effect on our brains and cause us to eat less or more, depending on the color contrast between the food and the plate.


14 creative ways to eat more fruits and veggies

By now, we’ve all learned that fruits and vegetables should make up significant portions of every meal if we want to become healthier and lose weight. Fruits and vegetables are rich in nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that can really drive weight loss and help our bodies become healthier.


Is weight-loss surgery right for you?

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Be prepared for the holidays!

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