Saturday, February 16, 2019

Q104 Winner Brenda Brown's Video Blog

Brenda Brown is a wife, mother and manager at Community Action Head Start in Topeka, Kan. At 320 lbs., she has battled obesity her entire life — literally. Her weight gain began as a toddler. She was enrolled in Weight Watchers by the first grade. She has gone through dozens of diets and weight-loss therapies, some successful and some not. Regardless, her hunger has always been one step ahead of her, keeping permanent weight loss always a step out of her reach.

Brenda was chosen as the winner of the Q104 LAP-BAND® contest with Dr. Malley. She had her LAP-BAND procedure in August of 2008 and has met her personal goal by losing 130 lbs. Brenda is thrilled with her progress. You can share the entire experience with her by viewing her blogs.

Follow Brenda on a journey toward a new body, a healthier life and the opportunity to inspire others who have fought this same battle every day.

“I’ve never believed in something so positively in my whole life. I’m going to think positive, talk positive and be positive!”

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