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4 unexpected benefits to undergoing bariatric surgery

bariatric surgery benefitsWhen you think of the most popular reason behind why a person may decide to undergo bariatric surgery, the first reason that comes to mind is that the person probably wants to lose weight and become thinner in an effort to look and feel better about themselves. Other individuals may choose to have bariatric surgery so they can feel better physically, and reverse comorbidities related to obesity such as type 2 diabetes, hypertension, joint pain, obstructive sleep apnea, fertility, and more.

However, there are actually far more benefits to undergoing bariatric surgery than you might initially think. Bariatric surgery can offer overweight and obese individuals the opportunity to live longer, enjoy a better quality of life, live fuller, and worry less.

Here are four unexpected benefits you can gain from choosing to undergo weight-loss surgery.

1. Live longer

Obesity has been linked to a large number of serious health problems, including the comorbidities listed above as well as heart disease and cancer. Many controlled medical studies have proven that bariatric surgery can often reverse comorbidities within the first few months or years following surgery as a result of weight loss. Weight-loss surgery can also allow people to physically do things they hadn’t been able to do easily before, such as exercise regularly, which is linked to overall better health and a longer life.

2. Better quality of life

In addition to triggering problems with physical pain, being overweight or obese is also associated with feelings of anxiety, depression, and other mental disorders. After undergoing LAP-BAND or sleeve gastrectomy surgery, your surgeon will expect you to adhere to a healthy, nutritious diet and fitness program to help you lose weight and become healthier. Good nutrition and regular exercise, along with weight loss, will naturally boost your mood and improve your overall quality of life.

3. Live fuller

Have you ever felt that your weight has prevented you from doing things that thinner people can do? If so, then bariatric surgery can allow you to shed the excess weight needed to do activities such as hiking, going up and down stairs, fitting comfortably into a bathing suit, and sitting comfortably in chairs on airplanes and public transit. Losing weight will help you live fuller and lift restrictions on all activities you may have previously been unable to do or enjoy.

4. Worry less

When you’re overweight or obese, you may tend to worry about how to accomplish certain things without becoming winded or feeling physical pain -- such as taking out the trash, walking the dog, or going up and down stairs. Worry is also associated with feelings of anxiety, depression, and other mental disorders that you may experience as a result of being overweight. You may also worry about developing life-threatening diseases associated with your condition. No matter what the source of your worries, bariatric surgery can alleviate problems that may have caused you to worry in the first place so you can start enjoying life to its fullest.

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