Sunday, December 08, 2019

3 truths your bathroom scale won't tell you

weight-loss-and-scale-readingsWhen you’re trying to lose weight, the bathroom scale can really play a role in your daily mood and attitude. On days that the scale shows you’ve dropped a pound or two, you may feel exhilarated, happy, and cheerful. But on days where the scale shows your weight has increased slightly, you may feel angry, depressed, and defeated in regards to your weight-loss journey.

In previous months, we’ve learned thattaking body measurements is more effective than relying on the bathroom scale to track our weight-loss progress, and thatgaining pounds could indicate an increase in lean muscle mass.

Here are three more things that your bathroom scale won’t tell you about your weight-loss progress.

1. The scale can’t measure your overall health

Your weight is just one of many aspects of your health. If you’ve been eating healthier foods and exercising on a regular basis, then you’re on the road to weight loss even if the scale shows otherwise. Also, if you’re always feeling healthy, energetic, and happy on a regular basis, these are important factors that can play into your weight-loss progress. Just stay focused and consider how much better you feel physically on a daily basis now that’ve made a series of healthy lifestyle changes.

2. The scale can’t determine how well-nourished your body is

Losing weight is healthy and exciting, but not if you’re starving your body or making unhealthy choices when it comes to your diet. Dropping a few pounds is great news, but it may not stay off long if you’ve been restricting yourself, which can result in overeating or binge-eating later on. Keep in mind that nourishing your body is healthier for you in the long run -- especially if you’re also exercising throughout the week.

3. The scale doesn’t know what your body is now capable of

Are you now able to do things you weren’t able to do before as a result of being out of shape or overweight? Having the ability to bend over to tie your shoes easily and walking up stairs without feeling winded aremajor non-scale victories you should be proud of. Think about these accomplishments before you let the scale impact your attitude about weight loss. After all, the scale doesn’t know what you’ve gone through to change your lifestyle and become healthier for the sake of weight loss.

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