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7 ways to stay focused on your weight-loss goals

weight loss goalsAnyone who’s tried to lose weight knows how difficult it can sometimes be to stick to your diet, fitness, and weight-loss program, especially if you feel as if you’re not making progress or if you’ve had a bad day. At times like these, you may be tempted to throw in the towel, skip your trip to the gym, and stay home to indulge in your favorite junk food.

If you’ve had weight-loss surgery, these options are not always acceptable, since they can have devastating consequences on your weight-loss progress and on your overall health. But don’t worry! There are numerous ways to get yourself back on track without having to feel too blue about the journey to weight loss.

Here are seven effective tips you can follow to stay focused on your weight-loss goals indefinitely:

1. Accept that mistakes can happen no matter what

So you may have accidentally consumed too many calories, or you may have skipped one or two days at the gym this week, but remember that nobody’s perfect, and it’s okay to make mistakes once in awhile. Mistakes are correctable, so start anew tomorrow and return to your usual weight-loss diet and fitness regime.

2. Take time to relax

Stress has adverse consequences on your health, and can result in weight-loss setbacks. While nobody’s life is completely perfect all the time without any stress, some have learned to manage it better than others. Practice deep breathing and visualize a calming location that will help you relax and unwind in moments of stress.

3. Maintain a sense of humor

Approach your mistakes and setbacks with a sense of humor to help yourself overcome any negative feelings of guilt and disappointment. Did you skip a workout to stay at home and watch a few episodes of your favorite television show? At least you’re all caught up! Did you eat the last cookie from the cookie jar? At least you prevented your family members from eating it and gaining weight!

4. Make more realistic goals

If you feel sad or frustrated that you didn’t meet a certain weight-loss goal within a specific amount of time, maybe you need to reevaluate your weight-loss goals and make them more realistic. Everyone’s body works differently when it comes to weight loss, so maybe you just need a little extra time. If you failed to meet your goals as a result of veering off your diet and fitness schedule, regroup and don’t hesitate to give yourself a new, fresh start.

5. Reward yourself often

Weight loss is no easy feat -- even just one or two pounds lost is a step in the right direction! Reward yourself with some extra time off work if possible, or treat yourself to a movie, bubble bath, new clothing, or other items that make you feel happy and that motivate you to stay on track.

6. Talk to someone who holds you accountable

Many individuals who try to lose weight often have a confidant to talk to or someone else who holds them accountable for their actions. This person may be a friend, spouse, family member, mentor, counselor, fitness coach, or even an entire weight-loss support group, and must have the ability to listen to your struggles and offer realistic and encouraging solutions.

7. Keep a positive attitude

In times of frustration, it can be easy to imagine worst-case scenarios and practice negative thinking. Just remember that in most cases, your worst fears and the things you often worry about will rarely come to light. Instead of wasting energy on negativity, keep a positive attitude, and just know that as long as you continue to work hard, you’ll eventually reap the benefits of weight loss.

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