Monday, November 18, 2019

Bariatric Revision Surgery

Some weight-loss surgery patients may require a second, or a revisional, surgery, if they fail to lose enough weight or regain the weight they lost. Although weight-loss surgery is generally very successful, some patients may have complications or may not lose as much weight as they had hoped. Patients who undergo gastric bypass surgery, for example, may find that their stomach pouch eventually stretches, or their body may adjust to the changes in the intestinal tract and start to absorb more calories.

Although bariatric surgery failure can be a major setback — both physically and emotionally — many patients are able to get back on track with a second, or revisional, surgery. The concept of bariatric revision is not new: follow-up surgeries have been performed since bariatric surgery was first introduced.

Malley Surgical is the only bariatric surgery center in the Kansas City area with physicians skilled in these types of bariatric revision surgeries. If you have started to regain weight after a weight-loss procedure, we can perform an examination to determine if you are a good candidate for a revisional surgery. Because some weight gain is common after weight-loss surgery, regaining weight does not automatically qualify you for another procedure. Your eligibility for a second surgery will partially depend on the reason behind your weight regain. For example, patients who had their stomach pouch stretch after gastric bypass may be eligible for a LAP-BAND® surgery at a later date.

Our goal is to help you maximize your weight loss by selecting the right treatment options to minimize risks and complications. Your doctor will discuss the treatment options available and let you know what to expect from a revisional surgery.

Results from bariatric revision surgery can vary depending on the type of the original surgery and the reason for the initial surgery failure, but many patients find that a follow-up procedure can help them resume weight loss. Patients may not experience a dramatic initial weight loss with a revisional surgery, but often see substantial results over time.

If you have questions about revisional bariatric surgery, please contact our office for an evaluation.

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